Ai Mask

I’m an NFT artist from Thailand. I also have my artworks sell in Opensea.My arts are focusing on character portraits.My goal is to share the differences of art and cultures from all over the world through my eyes.

Ao Mask

Classy Lady She’s a working woman that tells the truth and has good heart, soft but strong and knows her own worth. If she doesn’t like you,she won’t pretend to. She’s the kind of woman you go to war beside.I’m an NFT artist from Thailand

Crypto Dino NFT

I was obsessed with dinosaur when i was young. They are my friends until these days. My dino are special. They can dressed up and transform to be other creatures like shark, lion, and monkey. They are friendly and kind You can adopt them.I’m an NFT artist from Thailand

Aii NFTs Crypto Art

We are create our arts with passion and attention. We understand that NFT Art could be treated as an investment. Our artist is professional and we guarantee that you will not regret investing in our products.

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Aii offers you the high standard of unigue handmade digital artwork.
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